Typical data usage

Taxi SIM cards powering your fleet


Our data only SIM cards are perfect for use with mobile devices that need access to data to run your dispatch system.  We offer a range of capped or aggregated monthly plans.

  • Aggregated data: we’ll share your data allowance across all of your devices  
  • Capped plans: we’ll cap data usage on each SIM so that you won’t get any nasty surprises in your bill at the end of the month.  
Don’t pay for more than you need.

Taxi dispatch systems use surprisingly little data, but the amount of data needed for modern dispatch systems to operate has increased over the last few years.

Because we’re specialists, YB Communications understand how taxi firms and dispatch systems operate and we’ll sell you the right data allowance for your system so you only ever pay for what you need.

As a guide you can expect the following data usage from commonly use dispatch systems:

Bandwidth per month Standard cost per SIM#  Typical use
1 Gigabyte From £3.49 Autocab Driver Companion, iCabbi (inc voice) Data hungry apps such as Google maps, or data hungry devices
2 Gigabytes Call us Data hungry apps such as Google maps, or data hungry devices

*Typical use is a guide only and assumes correctly configured mobile devices which have been set up with apps such as Mobilock to ensure that only the dispatch system can access the internet.  Phones that are not correctly configured, or have not been locked down with Mobilock may use considerably more data.  Use may vary depending on driver hours and usage patterns and may use or or less than the typical usage.  Please note that if you use Google maps ‘live’ (rather than map data installed on your device) we now recommend a minimum of 1Gb data per SIM).


#All quoted prices are exclusive of VAT.  Minimum contract term will apply.

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