SIM unbarring

Let’s unbar your SIM

It’s important that you read the below – prior to requesting an unbar!

Why do you bar SIMs?

We bar SIMs to protect you.  Typically networks will charge you additional costs for going over your data allowance.  In many cases these charges are massive.  We’ve seen colleagues in the industry charged as much as £30,000 in a month for data outside of their bundle allowances.

At YB Communications we aim to prevent overcharges as much as possible, by barring your SIM cards if they go excessively over the data allowance per SIM.

What do I need to do?

Firstly, you need to understand WHY the SIM card has used so much data.  Typically dispatch systems like Autocab and iCabbi use relatively small amounts of data – and the use is fairly consistent.  If a driver has gone significantly over their allowance this normally means something isn’t right, so check:

  • Is the phone ‘locked down’ using something like Mobilock?  It’s not 100% guaranteed to prevent driver misuse, but it does help.
  • Have you signed into the Google Playstore (which will trigger automatic updates)?  We recommend avoiding using the Playstore if possible.
  • Have you checked what is using the data on the phone.  Typically on Android phones you can check what apps are using the data by going to ‘Settings’ then ‘Data Usage’ and scrolling down to ‘App usage’.
  • Have you spoken to the driver?

Once you have understood what’s caused the problem and taken steps to resolve it (usually by speaking with the driver) you can complete the form below and we’ll unbar the SIM as soon as possible.  This can take up to 48 hours to process for some networks. All requests will be actioned by us on the same or next working day that the request is received.

Request a SIM unbar

Please note that the details below have changed please read them carefully before submitting this form.

When requesting an unbar you need to select whether you want to unbar from the next bill period (the 1st of the next month) or whether you wish to add an additional bundle to the SIM.

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