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Telecoms are a vital part of a taxi business.  Your phone systems and lines keep you connected with your customers, your taxi drivers and your partners and suppliers.

YB Communications are the largest specialist provider to taxi firms in the UK.  We understand taxi operators like no one else, because we specialise in looking after taxi businesses.  Our sales staff, customer support staff and engineers all understand what you’re trying to achieve and how important your office telecoms are to your business.

It’s why we stop at nothing to give you solutions that are not just cost-effective, but also do what you need.

For businesses landlines can still be critical communications channels – ensuring that customers can get in touch with you easily – and powering your office operation.  For larger businesses SIP trunking can be a massively cost effective option, but for smaller businesses the traditional landline can still be great value for money.

YB Communications can save customers up to 50% when compared with BT.  Click here to find out more.

Sooner or later, most businesses grow enough to need a professional phone system.  The great news is that these days there are lots of options that don’t break the bank.

If your dispatch system doesn’t need integration with a physical phone system you can look at a ‘cloud-based’ hosted PBX system. Click here for more.

If you your dispatch system needs integration with a physical phone system – or if you have more complex phone system requirements, YB Communications can provide you complete phone systems.  Click here for more.

‘Direct Connect’ Taxi Freephones can be massive revenue generators for taxi firms.  YB Communications can provide you with Freephone lines that can save you as much as 45% when compared to BT.  Click here for more.

SIP trunking is more than just a buzzword bandied around by telecoms companies.  SIP trunking enables taxi firms up and down the country to power their phone system using the internet, rather than costly BT telephone lines, and saving them thousands of pounds a year in the process.  Click here for more.

There’s no need to put up with slow unreliable broadband. Whether you’re in the city or in the country we’ll help you find the most cost effective way of getting superfast broadband in your area.  Click here for more.

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