Office and Mobile Maintenance

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Take the stress out of your IT and Telecoms.  We know you rely on your PCs, servers and telecoms to keep your operation running, so why leave things to chance?  YB Communications are the experts in telecoms and technology for taxi firms across the UK.  Our team of helpful staff have one objective in mind: helping you keep your fleet operational.  YB Communications offers a range of solutions including:

Mobile Cover

Your phones come with a standard manufacturers warranty, but what happens if the fault isn’t covered by the warranty, for example if a driver breaks a phone or smashes a screen.  Or maybe you simply need to get your phone up and running as quickly as possible.  The answer is our Mobile Maintenance Plan.

For just £2 per phone per month, our Maintenance Plan ensures that whatever is wrong with your phone, we’ll repair or replace it within  72 hours of arriving back at our base.*

No more waiting for parts, no more waiting for the manufacturer to fix it.  If we can’t repair it within 72 hours, we’ll send a replacement free of charge.  Easy!]

Office cover

Whatever your dispatch system, you rely on technology to keep everything running smoothly, so don’t take any chances.  YB Communications are the experts in taxi Telecoms and technology.  Whether your hard drive has died or your server has a virus, our engineers can deliver on-site support designed to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

From one PC through to complex systems, we’ve got maintenance packages for every need.  Plus we’re trusted to be an approved maintenance partner for some of the biggest brands in the trade, including Autocab.

To find out how we can support your business call 0113 831 5000.

Low cost

From as little as £2 per phone per month for mobile cover

Dedicated support

A friendly, helpful team to resolve your hardware problems

Great value

Peace of mind and hassle-free service

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