Multi-network SIMs

Two networks on one great SIM


Why choose one network when you can have TWO?  Our new dual network data SIM card is the BEST VALUE EVER – with prices as low as little as £2.99 per month. Each data-only SIM card comes with your choice of three data allowances and your phone will automatically choose between O2 or Three.*

These great new dual network data-only SIM cards come with:

  • Three AND O2 network coverage
  • Alerts to help prevent overage charges
  • Our lowest dual-network prices EVER

Choose from 500Mb, 1Gb and 2Gb price plans – all with the security of two networks on one SIM card.

*Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.  Each SIM card is sold with the ability to ‘roam’ between the O2 and Three mobile networks.  Your phone will automatically choose the best available network at the time – we are not in control of what network your phone selects.  We are able to set usage alerts to an email address of your choice. You will be charged for any additional usage over or outside of your allowance.  Data usage outside of your allowance will be charged at 4 pence per megabyte.  Tariffs do not contain any inclusive SMS message bundle. Devices running iOS and more recent versions of Android will not require the use of a ‘private APN’.  Older devices will need a private APN, which we will supply at the time of connection. You will need to enable ‘data roaming’ on your phone.  While YB Communications and network providers and partners work hard to ensure 100% availability, network coverage and performance will vary from time to time, and network maintenance and outages cannot be ruled out.  YB Communications and our network partners make no guarantees about network availability.

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