Mobile Phones

The latest devices at great prices

Whether you’re using iCabbi or Cordic, Autocab or Infocabs, you need mobile phones to run the app.  YB Communications are specialists in telecoms and technology for the taxi industry in the UK.  We understand that your fleet needs phones that are cost-effective, reliable and have high performing screens and GPS capability.

Talk to our sales team to find out our latest recommended devices at a variety of price points.  Whether it’s brand new, or nearly new, we have phones at every price point.

FREE accessories & updates

We believe that selling you phones for your fleet is about selling you more than boxes with phones in.  That’s why all of our new phones come with a free car charger adaptor and a free windscreen mount.  Plus we’ll configure your new phones for you free of charge – installing the dispatch system app of your choice, install and configure Mobilock and insert your SIM cards and set up the APN details (if needed).  Whether you’re buying one phone or 500 phones – let us take the hassle out of setting up your phones.

  • FREE car charger
  • FREE window mount
  • Install dispatch system
  • Install mobilock
  • Configure your device

Great prices

We’ve got a great range of new and nearly new phones – all at great prices.

Dedicated support

Our friendly team are ready by phone, email and live chat to support you 9-5 Monday to Friday

We make it easy

We’ll configure your devices & give you free accessories

Looking for a new partner? Call us now, we glad to work with you!

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