Maintenance Plan Terms and Conditions

YB Communications – Maintenance Plan Terms and Conditions

1 – This Maintenance Plan is offered by YB Communications Limited, Phoenix House, The Old Church, Elland Road, Churwell, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27 7TB

2 – The Maintenance Plan is subject to a 24 month contract

3 – This Maintenance Plan is subject to a fair use policy which limits the total number of repairs or replacements in a 12 month period to a maximum of 50% of the total number of devices you have covered by this plan.  So, for example, if you have 100 devices in total covered, you are allowed up to 50 repairs or replacements in a 12 month period.

4 – We will repair or replace phones covered under our Maintenance Plan within 72 working hours of receipt to our offices listed in point 1 above.

5 – In all circumstances we will attempt to repair your device before offering a replacement.  It is our choice whether to repair or replace.

6 – In the event that we choose to replace your device, it may be with a certified refurbished device of the same model type.

7 – In the event that new or refurbished stock of the same model type is not available, we may offer an equivalent alternative of our choice.

8 – Devices returned to us for investigation must include the battery and SIM card that were being used when the fault occurred.  Any device returned to us without both the battery and SIM card cannot be repaired or replaced and will be returned to you at your own cost.  We may charge £25 to cover our time and postage costs in processing these.

9 – Returns sent to us must be properly packaged and clearly labelled.  We will provide you with a returns for which must be completed prior to a return being posted to us. We take no responsibility for devices that are incorrectly addressed or packaged.

10 – Returns to us must be sent on a ‘signed for’ basis.  We cannot take responsibility for any device that is mislaid in the postal service.

11 – The Maintenance Plan includes a phone case and screen protector, which you’ll receive with your devices.  Cover is excluded if the screen protector and case were not being used when the damage occurred.

12 – The Maintenance Plan covers all faults with your device, with the exception of water damage and/or deliberate damage.  We may charge £25 for any water damaged or deliberately damaged device returned to us.

13 – Your new device is also covered by a standard manufacturers warranty.  Signing up to a maintenance plan with YB Communications does not invalidate your existing warranty, but it offers cover not already provided by your warranty, (for example repairs or replacement in the event of damage, and 72 hour repair or replacement).  This is a level of cover above your standard manufacturers warranty.

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