M2M & Data only SIMS

Cheap Taxi SIM cards

Your mobile devices are at the heart of your taxi fleet.  They keep your drivers connected to you, your customers and your dispatch system.  To make everything work you need reliable and cheap data SIM cards.
That’s where YB Communications comes in.  We’re experts in telecoms and tech for taxi firms.  We work with Britain’s biggest mobile networks, including EE, O2 and Vodafone.  We can provide data-only SIM cards ideal for dispatch systems like Autocab, iCabbi, Infocabs and Cordic.


Don’t pay more than you need to
Taxi dispatch systems like Autocab, Infocabs, Cordic and iCabbi use surprisingly little data.  That’s why we sell SIM cards with as little as 500Mb of data.  Some of our competitors offer cheap headline rates to grab your attention that often end up with you paying more than you need to.
Don’t be misled by cheap ‘headline’ prices.  At YB Communications we’re often shocked at the tactics of some of our competitors, who sell seemingly cheap data packages – and then rip customers off with huge data ‘overage’ charges.
At YB Communications we understand the data requirements of different dispatch systems, and we’ll only sell you what you need. Click here to find out more about typical data usage requirements.
Make sure you Mobilock

Typically we’ll set-up phones that we sell with your dispatch software and ‘Mobilock’ it, which locks down the device to be sure that drivers can’t run up huge bills by surfing the internet and downloading movies.

If you’ve got some existing phones that we’ve not supplied, we strongly recommend that you install Mobilock on them, so that you’re not spending more on data than you need.

Great value data solutions

Whether you’re running Auriga, Autocab, Cordic, iCabbi or Infocabs, every dispatch system needs a SIM card and data to operate, and YB Communications can help.  Not sure what you need?  That’s fine, our team will take you through the available options.

Great Value

We work with the biggest networks in the UK and we keep our prices low.

Dedicated support

Our team are ready by phone, email and live chat 9-5 Monday to Friday – and for out of hours emergency support.

Capped data

We’ll cap your data allowances to help ensure that you don’t spend more than you need to.

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