Leased line and EFM

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If you’re in an area that’s poorly covered by existing ADSL or Fibre services, or if you need guaranteed bandwidth that isn’t shared with multiple customers, then you need to talk to YB Communications about Leased Lines of EFM.
We’ll guide you through the technical requirements and help you get set-up with a solution that’s cost effective and delivers exactly what you need.

All about EFM

EFM simply stands for ‘Ethernet First Mile’.  It’s essentially a way of using existing BT copper cables to deliver a high-speed ‘uncontended’ solution to business users.

Comparable with ADSL and Fibre broadband solutions in terms of cost, download speeds can vary but will typically be around 14Mbps.

You’ll need EFM if:

  • You are in an area that isn’t covered by other high-speed broadband solutions
  • Or, if you have a need for ‘uncontended’ dedicated bandwidth
The low-down on Leased Line

Leased Lines are also known as EOF (Ethernet over Fibre) and are available in speeds as high as 1Gbps (1000Mbps) and are the premium business solution for internet in the UK.

Leased Lines offer reliable high-speed internet with both high upload and download speeds.  Leased Lines remain more expensive than other types of business broadband connection, but have dropped considerably in the last few years.  YB Communications Leased Lines are competitively priced and we’ll give you independent, impartial advice on what’s right for your business.  We’ll never oversell.  We’ll recommend the right bandwidth solution for your business.

You’ll need a Leased Line if:

  • You’re in an area that is poorly served by other high-speed services
  • Or, if you have requirements for very high speed/high bandwidth connections
  • Or, if you have a requirement for very high-speed connections that are ‘uncontended’ – meaning you have access to all available bandwidth.

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