Dispatch systems

Taxi dispatch systems

Your dispatch system is critical to your business.  So why leave anything to chance?  YB Communications is the largest specialist telecoms and tech firm for taxi businesses in the country.  We ensure our PDAs and SIM cards work seamlessly with your dispatch system of choice – plus we’re experienced at working with Autocab, Infocabs, iCabbi, Cordic and more.

As approved Autocab partners, YB Communications understand what it takes to get your IT and telecoms working with one of the biggest names in dispatch systems.

Top Autocab tips:

Cordic are one of the longest running businesses in the taxi dispatch space.  One of the more complex products – you need a telecoms and tech partner that understands dispatch systems inside out.

Top Cordic tips:

YB Communications know the right questions to ask to make sure your iCabbi deployment works smoothly with your telecoms and technology.

Top iCabbi tips:

  • Each driver will need an individual PDA – make sure you have enough devices
  • Requires separate navigation software – we can pre-install this on any devices we supply to you
  • Typically needs SIM cards with up to 500Mb or 1Gb data per device per month.  Call driver/Call customer functionality needs voice calls to be enabled on the SIM.
  • You can find out more about iCabbi data SIM cards here

As approved Infocabs partners, YB Communications are experienced at making sure that your telecoms and tech integrate smoothly with your dispatch system.

Top Infocabs tips:

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