Call recording

Call recording made easy


Call recording doesn’t have to be a hassle and it doesn’t need to involve nasty hidden charges.  Buy a new Yeastar system from YB Communications on our ‘Silver’ or ‘Gold’ packages and you’ll get call recording included, with no hidden charges or extras.

Why should I record calls?

Call recording is increasingly mandatory for taxi companies – but there are plenty of other reasons why call recording is good for your business:

  • Call recording can be used as part of your staff training activity.  It can help you monitor call handling quality and assess and improve performance
  • Call recording helps to resolve disputes.  In the event of a customer or even supplier dispute, you can use your call recordings to fact check and verify what was actually said.
  • In the rare cases where companies receive threatening or abusive calls, your call records can be used as evidence.

Is it legal?

Call recording is completely legal in the UK as long as:

  • Your staff are made aware that call recording is used
  • You record calls to:
    • Provide evidence of a business transaction, or
    • Ensure that your business complies with regulatory procedures, or
    • Ensure quality standards are being met

Note that you do NOT have to let customers know that calls are being recorded as long as the use of the calls is only for the above purposes.

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