Too good to be true #2

Last October we wrote about our concerns over companies in our industry selling SIM cards to customers at prices that were so low, our competitors couldn’t make any money selling them.  Eleven months on what has changed?

Well, at least one of our competitors has gone bust – proof, if proof were needed, that if you sell product at a price too low to make a profit, sooner or later it catches up with you.  The losers in that case were customers who got caught up in it, and the unfortunate staff involved in the business.

Similarly we’ve seen cheap deals that have unfortunately bitten taxi firms badly.  They were sold deals with cheap headline prices but have been stung by huge data ‘overage’ charges when they’ve gone over the limit.  One poor taxi firm we know of has paid thousands of pounds more than they would have done if they’d purchased a better value tariff from YB Communications – even if our ‘headline rate’ looked more expensive.

We said last year ‘if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is’  and that still stands.

The good news is that we’re constantly looking for ways to offer even better value for our customers.  And this month we’ve launched our best value ever Vodafone price plans for the taxi trade, with 500Mb, 1GB and 1GB with voice calls available.   Our new price plans come with standard network APNs, offer capped data for each SIM and a great team waiting to support you every step of the way.  As always – there will be some ‘dodgy deals’ to be had with companies prepared to sell SIMs without making any money – but we know from experience that their business model isn’t sustainable.

To find out more about why buying from YB Communications makes sense, talk to our helpful team on 0113 831 5000.

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