Is it over for overcharging?

If you’re a taxi operator, the chances are that at some point you’ve been charged for ‘out of bundle’ data overages.  With some suppliers these charges can be extortionate.  In my time dealing with the taxi trade I’ve seen customers charged tens of thousands of pounds for out of bundle data use caused by driver misuse on just one SIM card.  Bill shock doesn’t even begin to describe what those poor customers had to deal with when the network started chasing them for money.

So what can you do to protect yourself from excessive usage and overage charges?  Here’s our quick guide to how you can protect yourself from massive SIM card overspends:

  • Make sure you ‘lock’ your phones so that drivers should only be able to access the apps that YOU choose.  In most cases this is just allowing access to your dispatch system.  Here at YB Communications we can install Mobilock to phones we supply – at no cost to you.  Mobilock isn’t 100 percent perfect but it definitely helps to reduce driver misuse of SIM cards
  • Make sure your SIM provider offers ‘aggregated’ data across your account and can bar SIM cards that use excessive data.   Here at YB Communications barring and aggregated data is offered as standard on most of the packages we sell.  It protects you and it protects us.
  • Work with a SIM provider that works with you.  We talk to our customers and explain how their SIM cards are being misused.  In some cases we can also give an indication of what websites or apps are causing the data misuse
  • Look at clever technical solutions.  Here at YB Communications we have a range of smart technical solutions designed to help you restrict unnecessary data use.  For example it’s possible to set your SIM cards so that they can only ever access specific ‘IP addresses’ on the internet.  Meaning we can restrict the SIM use to your dispatch system and your dispatch system ONLY

Our rigorous approach to helping customers avoid data overages has saved YB Communications customers thousands of pounds by ensuring that they only pay for the data they need.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the ways in which we can help you control your SIM card data spend why not talk to our helpful team on 0113 831 5000 or email asking for more information.


Added by Simon Rogers, Operations Director, YB Communications.

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